It doesn’t come automatically. Like everything worthwhile, it takes work. But that’s where we come in.

We are your guides through the media jungle.

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During my broadcast career, I saw hundreds of people who had a great message and were doing life-changing work, but they simply couldn’t articulate it well enough to make it understandable or inspirational or visionary to the average person. You might say it got lost in translation.

That meant it became a story untold. At least a story poorly told, and they forfeited the benefit of their powerful efforts because they were poor communicators.

Other times, they just didn’t know the “rules” of broadcast video. No matter how complex or extensive the work that you are doing, if you can’t say it in 15-seconds or less, it won’t make the cut. Opportunity lost.
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So how do you take a business or organization’s work that is complicated and vast and translate that into 15-second sound bites that have clarity, force, and impact? You need the benefit of our coaching to help. We distill several decades of broadcast experience to empower your message so that you communicate the impact your efforts deserve.

We’ve seen the best and the worst, and we guide you to your best delivery so you will communicate with assurance and confidence, and produce the impact you want.

And if something goes wrong at your business or organization, how do you handle the news media when reporters and cameras show up? Do you know enough not to fall for all the traps and repeat the spokesperson disaster that BP bumbled to the world after the oil spill?
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How you perform is monumentally critical for you and your company or business. Failing to respond well can tank your reputation in a heartbeat.

The flip side is good media attention. How do you attract it, and if you do, are you prepared to take full advantage of it? Or will you trip over your lip and do a Porky Pig, blowing the opportunity for free coverage you might not be able to afford if you had to pay for it?

I’m so passionate about generating great sound bites that you can use that I’ve dedicated an entire web site to help and explain how you can dramatically improve your presentation and produce more results.
To learn more, you can click on either of the buttons below. Visit Expert Media Coach to learn how you can move your listeners to action with your custom-crafted sound bites that will work at least as hard as you. Or visit the Expert Media Coach blog on the site to learn how to handle your message in very practical situations—what to do and what not to do to vault your communication to a rarified level that few experience.