Choose your Expert Touchpoint Video Package

We customize your video to meet your individual needs and accomplish your purpose.
However, sometimes people don’t know exactly where to start, so here are some suggested video packages so you can begin to think what might be most helpful for you.


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--We meet with you in a pre-video conference and find out what you most want to accomplish with your video. Then we determine ideas that will visualize the way to maximize your concept in video form.

--We offer you up to two hours of coaching to help you formulate how to best articulate what you can do for your clients or customers and how to best tell your story in visual form. We identify what elements are ideal for communicating that story such as what interviews should be included, how to select video testimonials if you desire, what cover footage will help tell your story.

--This elite package allows you up to three included video testimonials.*

--We coordinate and set up a date for shooting your story and all it’s elements so we capture all the important parts.

--We bring all professional lighting and sound equipment, and record all parts of your video in high definition.

--We edit that story into a professionally produced 3 ½ minute video, or two shorter ones that comprise the same time equivalent and that best meets your needs. We include royalty-free music, and voice-over narration if necessary.

--We then present it to you so that you have a look at the first draft. If you have changes you’d like, then we make those alterations so your video fits the look and feel you want.

--We provide the video in a format that is most compatible with your web site, your YouTube site, and other methods of distribution that you choose.

-- We even suggest outlets to help you get the maximum distribution and visibility for your video.

Your investment for the Platinum Package is $3,497.


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--We meet with you in a pre-video conference, as in the platinum package, and provide up to one hour coaching to help you prepare and deliver the essentials of your video where you will be on camera.

--This Gold video package allows you up to two included video testimonials.*

--We include the remainder of our involvement with you similar to the Platinum package except that your video will be a 2 ½ minute finished production, or two shorter videos that total that equivalent time.

Investment for the Gold Package is $2497.


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--We provide a 30-minute pre-planning video meeting and much of the same as the packages above, with the finished professionally produced video being 1:30

--This Silver package allows you up to one included video testimonial.*

Your investment for this Silver video package is $1497.


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--We provide a 15-minute phone consultation to help you select the elements for your video and plan the elements in your video, along with any other necessary structure to achieve your purpose.

--Your video will be a one-minute professionally finished production.

Your investment for the Economy video Package is $897


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If you want a high quality video but are on a limited budget, you can still get your first video economically.

-- We provide a 10-minute phone consultation with you and set the date and time for your video to be shot.

--This starter package is a 30-second finished video.

Your investment is $497.

Depending on schedule and the complexity of your video, we can usually present you with a finished video to begin working for you and your business within 7 working days; about 10 days with the upper level packages.

* You are responsible to identify and contact those you want to provide your video testimonial and coordinate their schedules to be at the location at the time of the video recording, in order to have them included in your video..

Need a more custom approach, or something not listed? Contact Us to get more details!