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We are a group of dedicated pros at TouchPoint Video and Neal Browne & Associates committed to helping you gain full advantage of the video tools available so you market and advertise your business or organization in a powerful, professional, results-driven way.

I and my colleagues have spent literally decades in broadcasting, both radio and television, so we know the territory and understand how to extract the most leverage from both audio and video products so you benefit extensively.

We also have close ties with the people we work with in web design, search engine optimization, specialized marketing, social media, presentation coaching, and several other avenues to leverage your profile and your message to its highest level.

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Neal Browne—Former anchor and reporter, and helicopter reporter for the NBC affiliate in Denver, KUSA-TV, Channel 9. Neal now also works behind the camera and in the editing suite to make sure production quality is maintained throughout the production process. While a reporter, Neal won two regional Emmy awards, both for live reporting, and has appeared in several commercials and promotionals. In addition, for two years, he anchored the show “America Today,” which was shown nationally on PBS and in Europe on Armed Forces Radio and Television.
Lisa Michaud, Kim Mears, Lindsay Hunt---These three women are some of the most experienced and skilled in leveraging social media for business and organizations. They teach, coach, and instruct their clients in how to get the most from social media without those clients becoming overwhelmed. Their results speak for themselves—often boosting their client’s visibility and exposure up to ten-fold over their previous profiles.
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Scott Willis—founder and president of Rook Interactive. Scott is, without a doubt, one of the most knowledgeable web designers and marketers in the region. He not only promises results, but guarantees that clients will see those results in vivid and trackable statistics right on their own computer screens, literally within a few short weeks. Although he is still “middle-aged” he’s had more experience in various media, music, promotional and commercial outlets than most people twice his age. He brings all that expertise to the table for his clients, and he has a staggering list of raving fans.

We also have alliances with several other agencies and individuals to meet virtually any media-related need that you might have with your business or not-for-profit organization.

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