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See How Powerful, Focused and Affordable

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Videomarketing and Media Training for your Business

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Can Skyrocket your Visibility and your Results.

Finally, customer-attracting video that empowers you to tell the story of your business or organization and show your clients and customers all the ways you can help them - and Touchpoint Video is your resource of choice.

Video is a dynamic, unsurpassed visual tool to not only market your efforts, but also to boost your search engine ratings, increase your visibility, and add solid credibility to you and your business or organization.

• YouTube is now the number #2 overall search engine, and it’s all about video
• Online video brings a click-through rate between 10-50 times higher than most banner ads
• 63% of online users are reached by video advertising
• 83% of online consumer sales result from consumers watching an online video
• People are more likely to stay on your web site 20% longer if you have video
• Video drops barriers to let people know you and like you before you ever meet them.
• Video can be a pre-sales tool that works for you around the clock.
If you thought you couldn’t afford a high-end video for your business or organization…think again. In many ways, you can’t afford not to have a professionally done video to represent your company or organization. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

How do you want your business or organization to appear to the world? Do you really want a shaky, poorly-lighted, amateur-looking video some well-meaning friend said they would do for you? Can you really achieve a professional look trying to do it yourself? How do you think visitors to your video or web site will think of you when they see a home-made video representing you or your company or organization? Will they think you’re a pro in what you do?
Instead, let us put our decades of professional broadcast experience to work empowering you to create the image you want so you make the impact you deserve. We’ll make it look like the best you see on TV, and it’s all focused on you and your business or organization.
  • According to Forrester Research, videos are 53 times more likely to appear at the top of search results.
  • 80% of people who land on a website with video will actually watch the video
  • According to a survey by Online Publishers Association, 44% of respondents said they have taken action as a result of an online video.